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  • For Business Owners
    For Business Owners

    Do you manage your travel or does your travel manage you? Trying to balance your business needs with your travel budget sometimes seems like a hard task.

    There are so many things to consider:
    How do you know if you are getting the best fares? Which airlines should you use? Which travel reports make the most sense? What about online booking tools?

    At UNIGLOBE, we have the right technology, tools and solutions that fit your needs. From crafting a well-defined travel policy to reporting including tracking unused e-tickets, we’ve got you covered.

  • For Travel Coordinators
    For Travel Coordinators Image

    Wish you could reduce time and effort on research and conduct your administrative duties more efficiently?

    As a UNIGLOBE client, you have access to online tools and support that makes managing travel easy. You’ll use our online research tool to look up available flights in just a few seconds. With automated invoicing, you’ll even reduce time spent on billing and reconciliation.

    Stop spending hours looking for the best fares. Our low fare search tool does it for you in a fraction of the time and even looks up fare sources not publicly available.

    Whatever you need. We have a solution.

  • For Travelers
    For Travelers Image

    Tired of getting an aisle when you prefer a window seat? What are your chances if you’re on a waitlist for a flight you want?

    We know business travel is not easy. Through our dedicated account support, automated quality control and 24/7 trip support, we improve your odds of a great business trip.

    We access your preferences, frequent flier status and deliver alerts about your travel documents so you travel “surprise-free”. That’s not all. Our trip management system continuously checks airline waitlists to ensure you're first in line should a seat become available.

Your company can see savings of up-to 20%



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Business Travel Insight

June 10/2017

Business travel overspending can play havoc with your company’s cost containment plans. On one hand, attempting to cut costs by tightening spending limits with restrictive travel policies can prove to be counterproductive. Accepting employee overspending as the price of doing business on the other, can severely impact your bottom line.

May 27/2017

The combined knowledge, resources and supplier network of 8000 travel experts across 6 continents, including 60 locations in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, make UNIGLOBE Travel a force to reckon with.

May 27/2017

Identity validation is a crucial capability across the travel journey. Whether it’s at check-in, when you drop your bags or at the gate, there are often multiple ID checkpoints. With the continuous cycle of testing and prototype deployment in travel, your face could very well be your boarding pass on your next flight or perhaps the one after. In this article, explore your check-in of the future with UNIGLOBE experts.

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